What Is the Difference Between a Guard Dog and a Protection Dog?

Most people are not really aware of the intricacies between the terms protection dog and guard dog. Many assume that they are both the same, but in reality, there’s quite a stark difference between the two. Both of them serve very different roles, and if you are interested in getting a dog to protect or guard your house, you will need to understand the difference between the dogs. Personal protection dogs in the UK are specially trained dogs by expert trainers, and most of the kennels also sell guard dogs in the UK. But, what’s the difference between the two? Let’s delve into it.

Guard Dogs

A guard dog is specially trained to be a working dog. They are not trained as pets, and from a very early age, their roles are instilled in them. They are often used by the police as well as the military, and they are generally trained to work at three different security levels.

Guard dogs can serve as alarm dogs, instinctively letting you know if there’s an intruder on your property. They are also trained to be sentry dogs, keeping a watchful eye out for any kind of suspicious movement. They can be placed outside a large property, like a warehouse. These dogs are trained to attack anyone who tries to trespass on their property.

On top of that, guard dogs in the UK can also be trained as attack dogs. If commanded by their handler, this dog will attack, and can also kill. This level of training means that these dogs do not make for good pets, and they can’t be socialised properly. They are trained to attack and kill and are always on guard. You cannot expect them to “turn off” their training.

Protection Dogs

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Protection dogs are dogs that are trained to care for their family in any kind of situation. If the dog senses a threat, its training will turn on, and they are going to stand guard for their families. These dogs are incredibly loyal, and can also be socialised with other members of the family or other pets. Some of the most popular breeds for people who need a protection dog include the Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, and Rottweiler.