Is Your Dog Too Frowsy

Many long-coated dogs need regular grooming. That is why it is best to choose a dog groomer that is used to handling this type of assignment. If you want to best for your canine, you should have him groomed by a professional groomer in your local area.

Types of Grooming Services

The best dog grooming services in Plymouth make it possible for you to take advantage of a host of services – services that include the following:

  • Bath and dry services for small and short-coated breeds, such as Chihuahuas.
  • Bath and dry services for long-coated breeds, such as a St. Bernard.
  • Full groom services for a variety of sized breeds, including Yorkshire terriers, Shih Tzus, and Bichon Frises.
  • Full groom services for Poodles and Poodle cross breeds.
  • Grooming for double-coated dogs, such as the German Shepherd
  • Grooming for larger-sized double-coated dogs, such as the Siberian husky or the Old English Sheep dog.

Pricing Considerations

You will pay a higher price if the dog’s coat is longer or thicker and he is a bigger size. Besides these kinds of grooming services, you can also take advantage of fringe trimming, nail clipping, ad ear cleaning. Trims are available too.

Get Your Dog Groomed on a Regular Basis

Whether your dog is short-coated or long-coated, big or small, it is important to get him groomed on a regular basis. Doing so will make him feel better and is better for his coat and overall well-being. Review your grooming options online now and make an appointment for your dog today.