High-Quality Cattery: Almost Like Home


Most people understand that cats become attached to places, often more than dogs do. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stay home all the time so that your feline friend is always comfortable in a familiar place. What you can do, and probably should do, is put your cat in the capable hands of someone who provides more than comfort and occasional attention because they love cats and understand them.


This is an important element when you’re leaving your treasured pet for any length of time. Perhaps the first benefit you should look for when seeking a cheap cattery in Radstock is someone who has a definite purpose in caring for your cat. This means your pet will stay in a pen that is open, airy, and provides plenty of light. Only cats from the same family are kept together with beds, litter trays, and scratch posts provided.

Consider these great features:

  • 30 pens
  • Can accommodate up to four cats from one family
  • Litter trays
  • Scratch posts
  • Individual beds
  • Dietary-needs service available

Almost Like Home

When you trust your cat to someone outside your home, you certainly want the atmosphere to be almost like home, or as close as possible. You’ll always be best served by working with a cattery that encourages you to bring items from home that will make your pet feel more comfortable.

Don’t hesitate when making travel plans. Visit the website of a trusted provider of cat care, and use the convenient booking form to get the process started.