Fruit that Dog can Eat

Some fruits can do very well for our dogs, but care and caution are needed: others can do very badly for them. Before choosing which fruits we will provide for our pets, we need to know that fruits contain calories and, when they are frequent in our dogs’ diets, can cause them to gain weight. Like fruits, you can also provide ready-made nutritious food to your dog available at

Fruits can be offered as snacks or between meals to “break” the prolonged fasting (especially on pets that eat only once or twice a day). Some dogs are not very interested in them and the texture can greatly influence their preferences. Respect the taste of your furry!  You can get knowledge about the best dog food here at  and provide your pet with the best balanced food to eat and stay healthy.

What fruits can dogs eat?

There are several fruits that our dogs can eat, but it is important to know how it is the ideal way to offer them and what each one can do for the health of our furry ones. Below, know a little more about some good fruit for the dog:

Apple for dog

The apple, like the pear, may be offered to dogs, but they should NEVER eat the seed of these fruits. The seed of apple and pear produce cyanide and therefore are toxic. The apple can be offered with or without peel, in pieces or shaved (as we commonly do with small children). The apple is still great for pictures of diarrhea, because a substance contained in it, pectin.

Banana for dog

Dogs may, at first, be surprised at the texture of bananas, but when they like the fruit, they really get happy when they get a piece of it! Banana is rich in potassium, antioxidants and fiber, and is a good choice for dogs that do a lot of physical activity or are very active.

Sleeve for dog

A real source of fiber! It is no wonder that the popular saying says “ugly like a dog sucking mango”, the dogs that eat the fruit really delight, if smearing and putting aside the fluffy aesthetic. In such cases, you must not allow them to come into contact with the lump or bark, since it is dangerous for them to gag.

Orange for dogs

Devastated believe that giving orange to the dog may be bad, but this is not true. The fruit rich in vitamin C is excellent for our pets, especially when offered as natural juice. The fruit, even, is indicated for animals that usually have urinary infections, being an excellent treatment of cystitis, for example.

Blueberry for dog

Just like orange, the juice-shaped blueberry can be a great alternative for pets with urinary problems. Being rich in vitamin C, the fruit causes the urine to become more acidic, keeping the bacteria away from the pet’s bladder.